Martian Motion Pictures is a collective of Austin filmmakers, artists, writers, musicians and all around creatives collaborating to develop a one stop production company. It is spearheaded by Jon Grandstaff, CEO and Creative Director.

Services include hiring to produce music videos, Kickstater/Patreon videos, training and marketing videos, music videos, commercials, film YouTube clips, document Weddings and Special Events, corporate speeches, sound production/engineering/and mixing-mastering of songs, digital logo design, animation, music production/editing, edit video for clients, and all types of filmography/visual art needed for any and all occasions. We also provide standard craft services for commercial or film sets. 



Jon Grandstaff

Founder, CEO, Creative Director

Martian Motion Pictures – Finish Your Cereal – Joycean Rum – Foton – Cinemartian – Rummy Martian –– Galloping Ghost Island  – Foton – Dr. Klopek – Oddzilla-

Painter/Chef/Writer/Comedian/Filmmaker/Sound Designer/Music Producer/Video Editor/Linguist/Lyricist