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This August marks the 50th anniversary of Woodstock, NASA’s moon landing, and The Manson Family Murders of Sharon Tate at her home in Los Angeles, California

According to the official record, Charles Manson allegedly claimed The Beatles encoded the plans for his Healter Skelter (misspelled at the scene of the crime on the Labianca’s refrigerator) in The Album (1967, colloquially referred to as The White Album by fans because of the blank white cover).

Linda McCartney Photograph of Paul McCartney in Scotland late 60s or early 70s.
Paul McCartney at home in Scotland


If you have never had the pleasure or the disposition, my YouTube suggested video algorithms ain’twjat they used to be, but I implore you take 2 or 3 hours, go to YouTube and find the longer, full length if possible, interviews of Charles Manson talking, just talking, especially parole hearings. I’ll even do a little more legwork for you, to grease the primer, so to speak.



Charles Manson interview

The oppressive elements thrown at Manson throughout his ordeal are voluminous and at times even heinous. One such instance is the post conviction Geraldo interview 1988 in which Geraldo comes off much worse than Manson, in my opinion.

Listen and be honest with yourself. No preconceptions mine or anyone else has any bearing. Just listen to his sense of logic, to his philosophy, his opinions, cadence, his genuine innocence. He visibly shows offense taken from the implications he had anything to do with these heinous acts . But mostly listen for his innocent and childlike intellect, which is in turn quite enlightened. The man was framed from his childhood, another bastard of the state with just the right name and wrong mother to help Set the stage, pun intended, for the Big Play. Hell he could have even been in on the dam thing like Oz-wald.


As far as I can see he was a fair man, not a bad person at all, really. His Trial is still one of the grossest and most inept attempts to find justice ever recorded. It was a kangaroo court front to back.

Despite the popularity and purse attached to the O.J. Simpson trial the Manson trial is the most publicized and most expensive prosecutorial investigation ever in the U.S.

All for naught…..Sharon Tate and the rest didn’t even actually die, but that’s probably too much too soon for you.

It IS easily verifiable, by you, right now online. Her dad was named Paul by the way, as is her murdered baby. What a coincidence!!
Did you know the alleged murders took place almost at the exact moment they photographed the cover for Abbey Road?

One of the PID clues from that cover is the white VW Beatle above George Harrison with the license LMW 281F, as supposedly Paul would have been 28 IF still alive
(however Paul actually would have been 27, “Faul” or Billy Shears was much older probably 32 or 33 at release, also read 1 as I), while not too exciting really would you like to know what the Manson Family’s Ford Fairline had as a license plate?
LMW 281P. F for Faul, P for Paul.


John Lennon is on record saying while in L.A. one of their acid trips took place at Doris Day’s home. Doris Day is of course the mother of Terry Melcher, the producer Dennis Wilson wanted to record Charlie Manson. In fact that very house was the one rented to Polanski and Tate on Cielo Dr. and was the alleged crime scene.
Blue Jay Way was written by Harrison on Blue Jay Way in Laurel Canyon, CA, a hotbed of 60’s rock and counterculture as well as nefarious, clandestine American intelligence agencies and, well, the aformentioned shennanigans.

That’s some creepy crazy coincidentals concerning the lovable Liverpoolian lads for sure. Manson, who spent long time in jail, most his life actually, was released in 67 after what, 10 years in, funded and stocked with drugs, which The La-Biancas, Charles “Tex” Watson, Abigail Folgers, Jay Sebring and Wojtek Frykowski were all heavily involved in dealing as well.
Stinks of shoddy FBI, CIA or cheap dime-store plot writing based on deception and duplicity. Scripted, acted out, 97 percent of the players are puppets, with a few victims, a few benefactors and one total mind control system in place and operational. Seems even some supernatural war games are thrown in as needed and this is the 50th anniversary year of many many of the events, bookends of some kind, alternating between beginnings and ends in a retro-casuality synchromistic daydream.

This is the foundation Manson set up from prison  ATWA.
Animals, Trees, Water, Air.
Check it out.

As far as the rest of the Winged Beatles go this has an introductory, in fact a quite rudimentary introduction to what I have to say regarding this topic and I shall be subsequently documenting my research here in the immediate future.

Back to your regularly scheduled programming.


Charles Manson mugshot and head shot collage
Many Faces of Manson


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