*UPDATE: Jwalk will be one of the featured artists at this years at RAW Artists Austin show: RAW Presents CONNECT Wed August 1st @7PM at EMO’S 2015 East Riverside Austin, TX 78741. Tickets available soon at his website Finish Your Cereal

* will be retroactively updated with links*  20170914_182041

Jonathan “JWALK” Walker, originally from Lafayette, Louisiana, is a life long visual artist, graffiti writer, and one of the founding members of the Louisiana graffiti crew FYC – Finish Your Cereal, along with friends from Atlanta, GA.  He has been a writer since 1996, after being initiated by Tony Skratchere (a DJ out of New Orleans) he started using the moniker Case, an homage to old school writer Case.


  After experimenting with names like Caseo, Queso, and Esac, Jonathan finally landed on the pseudonym “JWALK 143”, utilizing his name and the I Love You code used widely in the 90’s on beepers. After moving to Austin, TX in 2003, Jonathan honed his craft throwing events during SXSW locally, but has also been featured on the National level at events like 2017’s Meeting of Styles in Houston.  Character design, murals, classic and wild style lettering are some of his specialties, but he is also an active designer for several clothing companies and is available for larger murals. He can be reached at finishyourcereal@outlook.com, on instagram @jwalksalot, or his website FinishYourCereal.com.








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For any photography or post correction and development of any and all photography work contact myself, Jon Grandstaff at JoyceanRum@gmail.com.

Martian Motion Pictures department covering this type of work will be FOTON.


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